Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Dear Labby"

As we read in the article (and know from experience), everyone has a slightly different approach to working with clients. However, actually seeing the difference in approaches in action will help us truly understand those variations in tutoring, as well as learn from them.

For this blog response, you should post about a difficult consulting experience you have had in the writing center. After you post your response, comment on others' experience, relaying what you would have done in that situation. It should look like this (these are EXAMPLES):

Dear Labby,

I was working with a student a few weeks ago whose teacher forced him to come in to the WC. He was standoffish the entire appointment- when I suggested he read aloud, he refused. He actually sat back, arms crossed, and stared straight ahead. I started reading it aloud myself (so the appointment could move forward), and he refused to write anything down. About 15 minutes in, he interrupted me, gathered his things, and left. I'm pretty sure it was the least helpful I've ever been to a client.

Frustrated in Funkville

Dear Frustrated,

Here's what I would have done: After explaining what we do, I might suggest that he meet with his professor and reschedule after he has a better idea of why his professor wanted him to come in. He might just be upset about the perception of being forced to come into the center. If he can clarify why he was sent in, he might be less inclined to refuse help.

Good luck!