Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fractured Fairy Tale Choices

In your response, brainstorm ideas for how each individual might fracture his/her fairy tale. 

Jake- The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Riley- Cinderella
Morgan- Red Riding Hood
Kelly- The Little Mermaid
Alaina- Red Riding Hood
Savina- Cinderella
Gabriella- Rapunzel
Michelle- Sleeping Beauty
Mickael- Peter Pan
Shania- Rapunzel
Amithyst- Robin Hood
Matt- The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Lauren- Ma Lien and the Magic Brush/Old Black Witch
Jacob- Tales of Sun Wukong

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Outreach or Out of Touch?

According to Pittman and Hayden:

"Writing centers (WCs) [should] undertake community outreach initiatives. Benefits accrue to the WCs and their host institutions, as well as to individuals and groups that avail themselves of the outreach. Extending their mission to include the host community raises the profile of WCs, improves their effectiveness with their student clients, delivers positive outcomes for community participants, develops the professionalism of WC staff, and offers WCs opportunities for pedagogical research."

Do you agree with this point of view? What types of outreach initiatives would benefit our community? How would you change our outreach? Discuss how you believe this would impact our school and community.