Sunday, February 14, 2016

ARS2.2: "Exploring the Roles of In-Class Tutors"

Tutors take on many different roles through their experiences in the writing center. Whether they are working with students who schedule appointments in the center, are working with teachers on presentations, or are embedded in the classroom, writing center work is at the heart of what tutors are doing with students and how they structure those moments. However, feedback and approach are critical to being effective in different or new areas. Consider how embedding tutors into the classroom might impact learning. How might this change the consultation? Consider also how permanent embedding in a classroom (like a Block class) might impact consultations and our wider school community.

Remember to include the following in your COMPLETE PARAGRAPH response:

  • Your impressions of the article (likes/dislikes/agree/disagree)
  • How does it connect to writing centers at large?
  • How can it be applied to the MHS Writing Center?